Hunsaker 5 Gallon Dumpcan w/2.25" RedHead Male Dry Break Probe
Hunsaker 5 Gallon Dumpcan w/2.25" RedHead Male Dry Break Probe on 45 degree elbow
Hunsaker 5 Gallon Dumpcan w/1.50" RedHead Male Dry Break Probe

5 GAL. / 20 L. QUIKFILL DUMPCAN w/ MALE DRY BREAK (Choose Options)

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The HUNSAKER 5 Gallon / 20 Liter Dry Break Dumpcan comes complete with everything you need to fast-fill your race vehicle.
Choose from either the larger RedHead 2.25" male dry break which attaches to a 2.25" i.d. hose or the 1.50" male dry break that attaches to a 1.50" i.d. hose.
The Dry Break Dumpcan works in conjunction with the female dry break receiver that is mounted on your race vehicle. The male pushes into the female allowing fuel to dump quickly when both are engaged.
When disengaged both male and female will spring load shut.
             Dry Break Dumpcan Features
  • Our 5 Gallon Dry Break QUIKFILL Dumpcan works with the RedHead 1.50" or 2.25" Male Dry Break. 
  • 1-3/8" I.D. breather vent works as a second fill location.
  • Full-length, reinforced vent tube gripping handle.
  • Tie-down and security slot helps to lock down and secure when transporting and storing.
  • Exact gallon markings molded-in on the side.
  • Capable of dump 5 gallons / 20 liters in 5 seconds!
California Prop 65 Warning. This item may cause cancer or reproductive harm. For more info visit