What is the difference between the QuikFill Jug and QuikFill Dumpcan?

The simple answer is: Our QuikFIll Jug has a smaller pour spout opening and is capable of emptying 5 gallons in under 20 seconds. Our QuikFill Dumpcan has a larger 2.25" pour spout opening and can dump 5 gallons in less than 6 seconds.

The Hunsaker Jug has a threaded neck, which can be used in conjunction with smaller hose kits, ranging from 3/4", 1" and 1.25" tubing. An adapter can be attached at the end of the hose to be used in standard vehicle and motorcycle fill necks. Although this set up is smaller, it is still pours quickly and smoothly.

The Hunsaker Dumpcan has a pour spout opening of 2.25" and 3.0" O.D. and accepts 2.25" or 3.0" I.D. tubing. This enlargement of the spout gives you many hose kit options, including the use dry breaks and other quickfill accessories.

If you have any further questions regarding jugs, dumpcans or accessories, please contact us by our Contact Us page or by phone at (805) 650-2525.